LCP Directors
(Past & Present)

Mission and Vision


Directory of Officials

Phone Directory




     Name of Office      Email Address
Administrative & Ancillary Department    - admin@lcp.gov.ph
Continuing Quality Improvement    - cqi@lcp.gov.ph
Department of Pulmonary Medicine   - pulmomed@lcp.gov.ph
Department of Thoracic Surgery & Anesthesia   - tcvs@lcp.gov.ph
Deputy Director for Hospital Support Services - ddhss@lcp.gov.ph
Deputy Director for Medical Services - ddms@lcp.gov.ph
Ethics Review Committee    - erc@lcp.gov.ph
Executive Director

- director@lcp.gov.ph

Human Resource Development Division - hrdd@lcp.gov.ph
Information Technology Service - its@lcp.gov.ph
Material Management Division   - mmd@lcp.gov.ph
National Reference Laboratory - nrl@lcp.gov.ph
Nursing Training Services - nstraining@lcp.gov.ph
Pathology Department - pathology@lcp.gov.ph
Procurement, Property & Supply Division  - ppsd@lcp.gov.ph
Professional Education & Training Services - pets@lcp.gov.ph
Radiology Department - radiology@lcp.gov.ph
Research & Development Department - research@lcp.gov.ph